Robyn Saffer Counselling and Psychotherapy
Robyn Saffer Counselling and Psychotherapy


In order for any client to gain the most from their therapy, it is important that their sessions are confidential.


In the case of adolescents, if I have any contact with a parent/guardian once therapy has started, this will be shared with the young person. The content of sessions will not be discussed without the young person’s consent in order to protect their confidentiality.  


If a young person tells me somthing that I think a parent/guardian needs to be informed of, I will think about this with the client and how they will tell the parent/guardian.


If I think an adult of a young person is at serious risk of being harmed than I will need to inform other professionals.  This will also apply if a disclosure is made, where I know that someone else is at risk of being harmed.