Robyn Saffer Counselling and Psychotherapy
Robyn Saffer Counselling and Psychotherapy

Is Therapy For You?

Do you feel overwhelmed with emotions and unwanted thoughts? Perhaps your feelings get in the way of you enjoying yourself?

Are you finding it hard to cope? Do you feel like you have a huge mountain to climb and at times it feels too hard?


Do you suffer from low mood/depression? Maybe you feel miserable and lack motivation?


Do you feel anxious and your worries stop you from doing things?


Are you having difficulties in your relationships with friends and/or family? 


Are you finding it difficult to adapt to a life changing experience and need some help?


Are you stuck in a cycle and wondering why the same thing keeps happening to you, over and over again?


Are you struggling to recover from a trauma?

I can support you and help you to find a way to make postive and lasting changes.